- I already have an occupation. Can I work here?

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I already have an occupation. Can I work here?

Technicians building engines

As a rule you will initially look for work in your trained occupation, even here in Germany. Many employers also like to know if you are qualified for the work in question and will ask you for your qualifications and certificates ("Zeugnisse"). For this reason it is always an advantage if you still have your certificates and translations of them.

Missing certificates are often a problem

In most cases your training and certificates will not completely satisfy the requirements in Germany. However you can often, for example, do trial work and in doing so show what you are capable of. That is the most simple solution for tradespeople. But please observe that in some professions – above all medical- or care-related ones – you may only work when your occupation has been officially recognised here. The employees at the employment agency ("Agentur für Arbeit") and jobs centre ("Jobcenter") will advise and support you when it comes to this. They can tell you where you can have your certificates certified. It is possible that you may have to repeat parts of your training or study or – provided your German is good enough – repeat parts of an examination.