- Do I have to be able to speak German to work?

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Do I have to be able to speak German to work?

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A good knowledge of German is usually very important for most jobs. You will often work in a team and also have to understand the instructions of your superiors or team management. These will also include safety instructions or quality guidelines. You must of course understand these.

Language, the key to a good job!

Moreover, in many professions, such as hairdressing, telephone operating or hospitality, you can only work if you are able to communicate with your customers. Be sure to attend the language courses you are offered. Use an internship to try out the profession you like. Do not be shy: practice your language in everyday situations, when you go shopping or if you have to ask your way! Ask family members and friends about vocabulary items and get them to ask you. A good tip is that children learn new languages much faster than adults; they can then also help you. This app also provides you with great language training.