- How do I find work in Germany?

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How do I find work in Germany?

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There are job placement officers ("Arbeitsvermittler") in Germany. The official placement officers work in the employment agencies ("Arbeitsagentur") and job centres ("Jobcenter"). In many cities the employees of the Arbeitsagentur also visit the communal accommodation and provide advice on the spot.

German companies are looking above all for skilled workers

What counts in the first place is what you know, i.e. your schooling, command of languages and professional knowledge. This data is entered in a computer and compared with what potential employers throughout Germany are looking for. You are given comprehensive advice and get important tips from the Arbeitsvermittler. In Germany employers are above all interested in skilled workers. Therefore please be sure to describe all your work experience to the Arbeitsvermittler. You will be informed as soon as the Arbeitsagentur learns of a job that suits you. You can of course look for work yourself on the Internet, e.g. via the online job market ("Jobbörse") at or by contacting companies yourself.