- Was passiert bei der ärztlichen Untersuchung?

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Asylum procedure

What will happen during the medical examination?

Preliminary examination for refugees in Rendsburg

You will be examined by a doctor at the reception centre. The purpose of the medical examination is to identify certain communicable diseases so that they can be treated.

For people above the age of 15, the examination will usually involve the following: A physical examination, blood tests and a lung X-ray to identify or rule out a tuberculosis infection. Please tell the doctor if you are pregnant. If you are, you will be given a preliminary blood test (known as a QuantiFERON test/QF test). X-rays will be delayed until some time after you have given birth.

Children between the ages of 9 and 15 will be given a physical examination, a blood test and the QuantiFERON test (QF test). Children under the age of 9 will only be given a physical examination.

You will be informed of any positive results and also receive written verification to submit to the doctor who will continue your treatment.


During the initial examinations, you will be able to receive vaccinations in accordance with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute Standing Committee on Vaccination. You will be given proof of the vaccinations carried out in a certificate of vaccination. Your certificate of vaccination also contains the dates when further vaccinations should be carried out.

Medical consultation

Doctors also hold consultations at the reception centres and provide basic initial care. If necessary, the doctors providing the consultation can also refer you to specialist doctors.