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Asylum procedure

Waiting for the hearing

Asylum applicant attending a German course

The time it takes for your asylum application to be considered varies and depends on your country of origin. The assessment of your application can be very quick, yet it may also take a very long time.

What shall I do while I am waiting for my hearing?

You can take part in language courses while waiting for your hearing. These are offered at many reception centres. Asylum applicants with a good prospect of remaining can also take part in integration courses. You can find out if this applies to you in your reception centre. There are also lots of other leisure activities offered by volunteers and organisations.

Preparing for the hearing

Aid organisations offer counselling on the asylum procedure at the reception centres. You will be given important information on how the asylum procedure works and how you can prepare for your personal hearing at the Federal Office. You can also think about and write down the decisive reasons you had for leaving your home country.