- Wie lerne ich Deutsch für den Beruf?

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Learning German

How can I learn German for my profession?

Migrants attending an integration course

German is the language spoken nearly all of the time in German companies. If you want to work, you will have to learn the language as well as technical terms in the workplace.

There are sponsored courses which combine German lessons and professional qualifications. These are known as ESF-BAMF courses. They are made up of the following components: job-related German lessons, specialised lessons, internships and company tours.

The ESF-BAMF course is free for you

A course has a maximum of 730 teaching hours and lasts six months if you attend the course every day. You can also attend the course for up to twelve months part-time. There are requirements for participation: you must already have basic knowledge of the German language (level A1) and have been registered as an asylum applicant for at least three months. Participation is free.

You can find information about the ESF-BAMF programme and registration at your local employment office ("Agentur für Arbeit").

You can also find online exercises for learning workplace German on the site of the Goethe-Institut. There are also separate exercises for certain professions.