- Wo kauft man in Deutschland am besten ein?

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Where are the best places to shop in Germany?

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You can buy food at the supermarket. There are also specialist shops such as bakers and butchers. In most towns and cities you will also find drug stores. These do not sell much food, but do have a large selection of bathroom and household products. You can also find almost everything for babies and toddlers here. The prices can differ from shop to shop. Especially cheap prices, or special offers ("Sonderangebot"), are often only available for a short time.

Specialty shops for almost everything

Nowadays there is a Turkish supermarket in almost every town and city where you can, for example, buy halal meat. There are also weekly markets where you can find fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. The prices at these markets are usually fixed. You usually have to go into the town centre to find clothing, homewares (pots, crockery) and appliances. You will find a selection of shops there. Large furniture shops, shops selling electronic goods and shopping centres are often to be found on the edge of town. You can reach them by car, bus or train. You can pay for your shopping in cash everywhere in Germany, but you can also pay with your bank card or credit card in most shops. The money is then debited from your account.