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It does good to meet people from "back home". These people know your culture and celebrate your festivals and can share their experiences with you, but immigrants from other countries can help you to integrate as well. They often understand which problems you are currently experiencing and might have some tips for you. A good place to go for contacts like these is an immigrant organisation ("Migrantenorganisation"). You will also get help here if you have questions about Germany or need a translator. Many of these organisations also support refugees.

Immigrant organisations are a good place to go to

The largest immigrant organisations include the Türkische Gemeinde Deutschland (Turkish Community of Germany), the Bund der Spanischen Elternvereine in Deutschland (Federation of Spanish Parents’ Associations in Germany) and the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Immigrantenverbände in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Association of Immigrant Groups in Germany). You can find out which immigrant organisations there are near to you from the integration officer ("Integrationsbeauftragte") in your community or the local migration office ("Migrationsbüro").