- Mitmachen: Vereine in Deutschland

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Joining in: clubs in Germany

Young men playing football

Lots of people in Germany are active members of clubs or associations. There are almost 500,000 organisations. These can be clubs where people do sport or play music together, or even youth clubs. In some clubs, the members are involved in working towards a joint ideal, for example environmental protection. If you are looking to get in contact with people, clubs can be a good place to go to.

Becoming a member of a club

Lots of people take on a voluntary role in a club, which means they work there of their own free will and without payment. It is also possible to be just a member. As a member, you can use the range of services while getting to know a lot of people with similar interests. Children can join in, too. A small sum must be paid regularly for membership.

You can find out which clubs there are near to you at the local authority ("Bürgeramt")/citizens’ advice centre ("Bürgerinformation") or on the web site of your place of residence.