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Why vaccinations are important

Female doctor immunising a child

It is important to be vaccinated so that you can be protected from diseases which can be life-threatening, such as measles or meningitis. They also help to ensure that diseases do not spread further. When almost the entire population is vaccinated, many diseases only occur very rarely. This lowers the risk of others becoming infected. Doctors and the authorities in Germany explicitly (strongly) recommend vaccinations. 95% of all children will have received the most important vaccinations against diseases such as polio by the time they start school.

There are official vaccination recommendations which are regularly adjusted. Asylum seekers can also receive vaccinations which are paid for by the state or your health insurance. In some places, this service is offered at the Aufnahmeeinrichtungen (reception centres). Please inform yourself of the options available to you and your children at the Aufnahmeeinrichtung (reception centre).

You can find more information on the topic of health in the brochure "Health Guide for Asylum Seekers in Germany". You can download it and order it here.