- Was ist beim Autofahren zu beachten?

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What is there to remember when driving a car?

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If you drive in Germany, there are some important rules you must observe. Here is a quick overview:

Always carry your driver licence ("Führerschein") and vehicle registration certificate ("Fahrzeugschein") with you: If you are stopped by the police for a traffic check, they will want to see both.

Driving on the right: Cars drive on the right-hand side of the road in Germany.

Observe speed limits: In general, you are not allowed to drive faster than 50km/h in towns and cities. In some parts of the town or city, you are only allowed to drive at 30km/h. You are generally allowed to drive at 100km/h on country roads ("Landstraße"). It is recommended that you drive 130km/h on motorways ("Autobahn").

Seatbelt regulations: All passengers in cars must wear a seatbelt.

No mobile phones: You are not permitted to hold or use your mobile phone while driving.

No alcohol: Only drive when sober.

Observe parking regulations: There are places where you are not allowed to park, for example on pavements or in driveways. There are often special parking spaces for disabled people which only they are allowed to use.

Children: Children should be driven in age-appropriate child seats.

Compulsory insurance: Cars must be insured and registered before they are allowed on the roads.