- Das Fahrrad: Eine gesunde Alternative

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Cycling: a healthy alternative

Bikes leant up against a railing

A lot of people in Germany ride their bikes to work or to go shopping. There are often bicycle lanes on the roads or alongside them. They are designated with bicycles painted on the ground or by round, blue signs with a white bicycle on them. If there are no bicycle lanes, adults must ride on the road. Children should use their bikes on the pavement, but please watch out for pedestrians.

Important: Never ride a bike on a motorway ("Autobahn").

Safety first

Always make sure that your bike is working, especially the light. You can wear reflective clothing and a helmet for your own safety. As a cyclist, it is better to ride very defensively and not insist upon your right of way. Unfortunately, accidents involving drivers and cyclists happen again and again when locations are dark or confusing.

If you have drunk alcohol, you are not allowed to ride a bike. Using a mobile phone while cycling is also forbidden. Children are only allowed to be transported in a children’s bicycle seat. You are not permitted to carry anyone on the baggage rack or on the cross bar. Cyclists are also checked by the police.