- Was tun bei einem Verkehrsunfall?

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What should I do if there is a traffic accident?

A small car rams a bus from behind

Germany’s roads are very busy. They are full of cars, cyclists and pedestrians and accidents occur every two minutes. Here are a few tips to remember if you are involved in an accident:

110 – Call the police and emergency services

Call the police ("Polizei") if you have had an accident. You may be in shock, unsure and not know what to do. The police will help you. Telephone 110

If people are injured or there is major damage, you must call the police every time. Give a brief description of what has happened on the phone and say if people are injured; you must wait until the police have arrived. This usually takes only a few minutes. Make sure the accident site is secured so that no other accidents occur.

Beware: hit and run ("Fahrerflucht")

You should always inform the police, even if the damage is minor; if you damage another car while parking, for example, or scratch a car while riding a bike. If you drive or ride away without waiting for the owner of the damaged car, you are committing hit and run. This is a criminal offence with considerable consequences.