- Religionsfreiheit

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Freedom of religion

A Muslim man praying

Everyone in Germany is free to choose their religion or to decide not to have one. This is one of the most important basic rights of the German constitution. There are people here who practice their religion privately, some who show their faith to the outside world and others who want nothing to do with religion. This is all part of the freedom of religion.

Everyone is free to believe what they choose

The state must treat all religions the same. It may not favour or discriminate against any religion. This is why there is no state church in Germany, and therefore no official religion. However, there are some areas in which the state works with the church. One of these areas is religious education in schools.

Respecting others’ beliefs

Freedom of religion also means accepting the beliefs of others. Respect must also be shown to those who do not belong to any faith. Germany is a country of immigration with a variety of religions. So that day-to-day life can function properly, everyone must treat each other with tolerance and respect, no matter what religion they belong to.