- Vielfalt der Religionen

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A variety of religions

All-faiths chapel in Warsaw, Poland

There are lots of different religions in Germany. Christianity is especially common. Approximately 60 per cent of the population are members of the Catholic or Protestant churches. Not everyone practises a religion.

Peaceful public holidays

Most people do not have to work on important public holidays such as Christmas or Easter. Shops are closed and children do not go to school. In some federal states ("Bundesländer"), it is possible to excuse your child from school on the major feast days of other religions.

The third-largest faith group is made up of approximately four million Muslims. Most of them came to Germany from Turkey or have ancestors who moved here from Turkey.

The Jewish community is growing

Approximately 200,000 people declare themselves to be of Jewish faith. There is also a large number of Buddhists, Hindus, Yazidis, Sikhs and Bahá’ís.

Roughly one third of the population declares itself to be of no religion.