- Leere Flaschen gehören nicht in den Müll

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Empty bottles don't go in the rubbish.

Returnable bottles

There are two different types of bottle in Germany: bottles with a deposit ("Pfandflaschen") and disposable bottles ("Einwegflaschen"). If you buy a bottle of mineral water, for example, you automatically pay an extra 15 cents. This is known as Pfand (deposit). If you return this Pfandflasche at a shop, you will get that money back. A lot of shops have machines for this purpose, into which the Pfandflaschen (deposit bottles) are placed. You then receive a coupon which can be exchanged for cash at the till. Pfandflaschen which can be exchanged for money are labelled as such.

Where do you dispose of non-deposit bottles?

Disposable glass bottles are put into glass recycling containers. You can find these large containers at collection points. You put the bottles into the containers according to colour, though not on public holidays or in the evening after 8.00pm.