- Wie wird in Deutschland Müll getrennt?

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How is rubbish separated in Germany?

Bins in front of a hedge

A large proportion of the waste is recycled in Germany, too. There are containers for glass ("Glas"), plastic ("Plastik"), metal ("Metall") and paper ("Papier") almost everywhere. These are all valuable raw materials which can be turned into a lot of new products. New paper is made out of old newspapers, for example.

What goes in the biodegradable waste bin (“Bio-Tonne”)?

In some areas, you can also dispose of biodegradable waste such as fruit and vegetable peelings in a special bin. This biodegradable waste goes back into the earth. Please note: leftover cooked food, dairy products and meat waste should not be put into the Biotonne!

You must pay careful attention to what rubbish goes where. It is best to find out about it around the neighbourhood or ask the caretaker ("Hausmeister"). Rubbish separation is an important part of environmental protection. Rubbish recycling is also its own industry and provides numerous jobs.