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We are all equal

A homosexual couple

"Men and women are equal": this is one of the central clauses of the German constitution. Much has been done in Germany in the past few decades to put this clause into practice. Women are free to choose their careers. They can also have a career in the army ("Bundeswehr") or become Chancellor ("Bundeskanzlerin"). Unlike forty or fifty years ago, women make their own decisions in all areas of their lives.

But even though men and women have the same rights, it doesn’t mean that there are no problems in Germany. Combining a career and a family doesn’t always work, for example. There are policies in place to tackle this inequality, however.

Women and men have the same rights

Everyone being equal before the law also means that nobody is allowed to be discriminated against because of their skin colour, religion or sexual orientation. If you suffer discrimination or feel threatened, you can call the police. You can also find advice and support from bodies such as the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency ("Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes"). An advice centre can be found here.